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Geralt having a child of surprise

Blood of Elves - Andrzej Sapkowski

Geralt after united with Ciri and promised not to leave her again bring her to be trained as a witcher. 


But they didn't use any poison on her that make her mutate into something else. After all, she is the first girl to be trained as a witcher and Geralt and his mates didn't know how to deal with girl.


Triss came to help. And they were not that good at girl's things. 


Ciri the Lion Cub is the princess who would now either be killed or be found and forced into marriage to get more power.


Geralt has to keep her self. The training of Ciri as witcher is fun. Then she is sent to the temple for girls to be trained for their magic ability. Ciri has not able to do magic. Only Yennefer recognized her blood and her potential. So the story is about how Ciri become the apprentice of Yennefer.


The characters developments and the landscape of the story is pretty rich. It is not surprise that it is both made into video games and TV series. 


The characters are likable and they are in difficult situations. So readers would like to know what's happen next. 


Another 4.5 stars read.