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Ciri and Geralt adventure continues

The Time of Contempt - Andrzej Sapkowski, David French

Ciri is being trained as a witcher. Now she also found out that she might have magical ability and could detect source of nature power. 


Ciri was being brought to a school for sorceress. She didn't like it too much as she fear that she wouldn't be able to see Geralt any time soon. So she run away, to Geralt. 


Now Yennefer and Geralty is reunited because of Ciri. There is a big party for the council for Sorcerers and they were betrayed. 


Ciri, Geralt and Yennefer try to escape and got separated. 


The story is mostly on Ciri and how she escape and try to survive. Good story. 


Geralt was in a big way simple and direct and didn't see danger coming until it is too late. 


Going to read the next one.