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Bosch and Renee working together to find a murderer

The Night Fire - Michael Connelly

Bosch was left with a cold case by his mentor. He worked on the case and wondering why he hold on to this case. 


Renee was in and working with Bosch. Now that Bosch has retired, he couldn't actively work case any more. 


A lot of good detective work later, with load of interviews with the persons involved in the case, they found a similarity between this cold case with an active one. 


The book is divided between Bosch and Renee. 


It start a bit slow as not a lot of action take place beside talking. 


Bosch is also having a law suit on his own. He is suing for damage done to him while he is on the job. He was working on a case when radioactive material was stolen from a hospital. He recovered it only to get affected himself. He was clear but now he got cancer. Not fair. 


His brother is going to get involved in this of course. 


How is this murders linked? Bosch found out with Renee that it is linked back to a firm, with a lawyer being humiliated by the judge who got killed. 


The detectives on the case refused to be believed that they got the wrong guy who confessed to the crime under stress. 


Now, without the support of the department, Renee is going at it alone with Bosch to find out who is the real killer and why. 


Fun read. The Bosch part is very good as it is really developed. Renee still feels as bit much that she has no life and sleep on the beach. She has no emotional attachment that make her more human. 


Still a 4.5 stars read.