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Robie and Reel sent to dangerous mission

The Target - David Baldacci

Robbie and Reel are being sent to camp to be tortured. 


The mission has to do with what they tried to do in North Korea. 


The North Korean has trained assassin on their own. And this one is now go after someone in the US. 


The story is about how desperate persons being forced by government leader who used their talent. It is a lot about the North Korean and how they become assassin. The interesting part is how loyal they are too their supreme leader. 


Is it a survival thing or human stupidity. It remains me for North Koreans waving flag while thousands of their fellow country men being put into concentration camp. It remains me of mainland China Chinese waving flags and cheering while their fellow countrymen being tortured and put into concentration camp for speaking the truth. Compare to them, the Trump followers are probably at the same stupidity level. 


That's the interesting part of the book. As for the Robie and Reel, Reel is still feeling guilty over her attempt to kill Robie. 


Also, the bad guys know that Robie has someone he cared, he saved a girl in his last mission and still keep contact. 


And the North Korean assassin, she has no one until she saved a girl from concentration camp. Would that put her back to the path for being human again. 


Read to find out. It is good.