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Quantum barrier and multiverse

Lords and Ladies - Terry Pratchett

Stones circle, witches dancing naked and barrier between dimensions. 


Barrier between other world is thin in some areas and stones circles were put up as barrier for things to get through. 


So when crop circles appear on unlikely places, Granny Weatherwax is on the case. 


Young witch Magrat is dating the king of Lancre Verence. She is waiting for his proposal for marriage and surprised to find out he went ahead to prepare for their wedding without asking her. So, she is going to be a queen and learn about queeny things to do. 


Really young witches of the modern variety wear black velvet and lace gloves. They have no respect for old witches that has no sense of fashion beside practical like Granny. They do things they don't understand like dancing naked under moonlight near the stone circle, which lower the barrier between worlds further. 


What started out as a mystery going into an adventure, throwing in quantum and multiverse theory, adding witch and king and queen and bees and it is a fun ride of a story. 


Enjoyed this a lot. Going to read the next one.