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Amos Decker working on a murder and team up with Will Robie

Walk the Wire - David Baldacci

Amos Decker was sent to investigate a murder in London, North Dakota. A woman was murdered and was cut opened. 


A local murder should not need FBI involvement. So it is very unusual that he was sent with his partner Jamison. 


The clue is not easy to find. The autopsy report is incomplete and they have to interview witness to get some headway. A military station near by and a cult community complicated the case further. 


The surprising thing is someone is trying to interfere with the investigation by getting rid of Decker. Who would do that and what is at stake. 


The plot twists is there and Decker didn't have a lot of chance to use is memory too much. It is more about secrets. Who are keeping them and who know what. 


Having two teams working together mean it is something big and dangerous. 


Quite nice going. 


The only downside is they didn't much chance to get to know each other more as they are too busy running for their lives. 


Good read.