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Jack McEvoy solved another serial killer case

Fair Warning - Michael Connelly

Jack is now writing for an online magazine Fair Warning, a consumers watchdog type of machine that exposed the wrong doing of companies and protect the public interest. 


He is called on the police again when a woman was killed. This woman name Christine when out of a date with Jack a year ago. He didn't recognized the name at first as he knew her as Tina. 

Now he is a person of interest for the police because the victim's friend told the police that she was cyber stalked by a creep who she had met before. Jack knowing his own innocence offer his DNA to clear his name. 


He then interviewed and search for more information on Christine. She was young and has recently got in-touch with long lost family through genetic matching. She used the service of GT23, a genetic matching services that only cost 23 dollars. 


That got Jack interested. The victim was found and she broken her neck internally, with a term AOD, atlanto-occipital dislocation. He then posted on a coroner forum and asked if anyone seen suspicious cases like that. 


By linking the murders to the genetic matching services, he found out that the genetic sequencing services have no regulatory body at all. It is a self-regulating service subject to abuse. He pitched this to Myron his editor and got the go ahead to write this piece focusing of genetic sequencing services. 


He also got Rachel involved. They had broken up because Jack mistake. He put his piece before the interest of Rachel. Now Rachel is working as a private investigator doing background check. 


Getting her involved is a good move. She still know people in the FBI and they could help the case. The local police had mistreated Jack when he tried to raise alarm. 


The investigation lead to Incel group, (Involuntary Celibate) sexist men who think they are entitled to have sex with women. These are women haters. One of these jerk was a geneticist who had bought genetic information from GT23, and resold the information to other Incel men on women who had addictive behavior gene labelled as Dirty4. 


These sexists are targeting women and preying on them. One of them is the killer. 


Really good book. The story flow nicely and fast. A lot of tension and action that flow naturally. Not a lot of surprised plot twists but really good discovery on how we offer our genetic and social information that could be misused on the web. 


Excellent work. Highly recommended.