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George is Melissa

George - Alex Gino

George is a girl. She has an older brother Scott and best friend Kelly. She is being bullied in school by a boy named Jeff.


All is good and well with exception that only George knows she is a girl. 


There is a school play Charlotte's Web. George wants to be Charlotte but she isn't allow to audition for the part because the teacher didn't know she is a girl yet. 


It is hard and confusing for a young transgender child to tell their family and friends of their gender. A lot of things are so depending on the perspective of gender. What to dress, what roll to play in a school play, and the expectation that comes with it. 


Good that George school is LGBT friendly. Even so, it is still not easy for a young child to find acceptance. 


Good that George has a best friend Kelly. Who after George told her, not only accept her as she is, but helped out by letting her dress for a day out to the zoo with her uncle. George could finally go out as Melissa. 


It is hard to find good book on transgender child. This is a really good one and by reading, more adults and children might get how to be around transgender children that might be more helpful to them.