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Sharing on how to cope with anxiety

Notes on a Nervous Planet - Matt Haig

Matt has been suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attack since he was a young man. 


Learning from his years of experience in trying to cope with his mental illness. He give advises to his himself and his younger self and let us read them too. 


The part about panic attack is very useful. Panic attack has also different in degree and his sharing of it would be helpful to think ahead of time on how to react to it. 


The rethinking of human relations with online device including phone, computer, iPad is helpful too. 

Who we are and what we care about and how we invest our time show how much we care about things? 


If we put all the hours of the day into a times-sheet and do a periodic analysis of it. We would find that we care more about online game than our family members. Care more about online media than our loves one. 


If that is true for us, then we need to rethink our strategic on time management. 


Nicely done. Easy to read short chapters.