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Bodyguard gay version

Damaged Like Us (Like Us Series) - Krista Ritchie

Max is a young celebrity because his family is rich and his parents are involved in sex tape leaked. 


He is 22 and handsome and with a healthy attitude toward people in general. He also has to say goodbye to his bodyguard as he is retiring. The new bodyguard is handsome and was assigned to protect his mother. He also had a crash on him when he was a teenager. 


So this is like bodyguard for celebrity adding a gay romance into it. 


As romance goes, it is not bad. It is about how the rich seems to find their own meaning to spend time when they are not making money or spending money. 


The bodyguard is nice too with a protective side. He was the son of the family doctor. 


As a series goes, it is quite a nice one. 


Reading this for pride month.