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Forwarding address

I have been trying and failing to login to Booklikes. 


It is my fear that I would lose touch with all the reader-friends here. 


So when I see the post saying forwarding address, it is a good idea that I am being connected to you all in some way in case this failed completely. 


[Edited] Also in GR https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/119184213-xox 

Add me if you are from BL. 


Here is my Librarything address. Add me please. 



Please me a message of where you are and I would try to follow you in Librarything.... just in case. 


The review is not being sync to Librarything. I have not figure a way to do it yet. 


Good luck. I'm still going to be here as long as here is available.