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Mitch Rapp vs Rickman

The Survivor - Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills

Joseph Rickman might be dead but his plan was still on-going. 


Richman has this very intelligent plan of leaking damaging information regarding the CIA actions in the past that would be very damaging. Two of such email has already been sent and this is very worrying that more is likely to come. The obvious target is Irene and Mitch. 


Gould is the one who is causing all the pain for Mitch. He killed the love of his life Ann while she was pregnant. Mitch has a chance to kill him but he let him go and continue his life with wife and kid. 


The ungrateful Gould didn't do as promise and get back into business. 


Other players are involved. All is trying to get to the secrets and used its advantage for blackmail and caused maximum damage. 


Overall, it did caught the spirit of things. Although not enough twists, there is still enough action to keep things interesting.