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Mitch is doing a black op

Enemy of the State (A Mitch Rapp Novel) - Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills

Mitch Rapp have found out that an ISIS supporter in the rank of Saudi and now the American President want this to be deal with without the official order. 


This is so outrageous and unfair to Mitch Rapp. Of course he is going to do it. 


As story goes, there is no one in his life except for the widow of the man who killed his wife and derailed his life. The guilt of being a participant of such tragedy bring Claudia into Mitch life, first as a decorator for his new house, and now as his partner handling logistics. 


Coleman is still out and tried to heal after the last mission. He recommended Claudia too. 


Situation arise that pushed this decision. Finally, Claudia is going to be his partner. 


The bad guys are well hidden. The ruthless Saudi has killed off ties that could reveal his secret as a traitor. 


FBI Joel is the guy being used to hunt Mitch. 


Nice action bit. A bit too much at times but it is fun to read as there are more intelligent bad guys make it more challenging. 


Irene involvement is minimum yet important.