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Crap book written by hater

John's Gospel: The Way It Happened - Lee Harmon

The attention seeking whore of the writer, started a thread complaining this piece of crap get one star review.

I also noticed that he has no problem giving his own book 5 stars. And also ask his friends to give him 5 stars, some of them don't write reviews. 

What is his problem? Is he a cyber bully type of writer who like to harass readers who don't like his work?

If he is so sensitive about negative reviews, he shouldn't make his work public. 

Now as for the book, you have wasted your time if you have read it. So to save you some time, I could see the writer affords in trying to make it more of a story telling kind, but failed miserably. The writer switched from his natural "religious teacher bored you to death" tone, to "high school student story writing" tone. 

The whole book is based on one person misguided speculations of what might had happened. Yes, he is full of himself and thought he got something new here.


Yes, it is that bad. Although a slight improvement from the last one, but still couldn't get pass one star. 


This jerk of a writer started a hate thread against atheists. 

But that's not the funny part.

The funny part is that someone said it is only fair that if the writer gave his own book 5 stars, then someone who hasn't read his work should be able to give it one star.

What this jerk of a writer did, is to remove his 5 stars rating for his own book.

Too late. 

More update.

This jerk of a writer has a personal vendetta against me. All because I click one star to this crap book without writing a review. {This review was written after the badly behaving writer attack me, a reader.)

Why is that?

Oh. Because his hatred for atheists is thinly veiled. He hated me because I'm an atheist. And how dare an atheist give this crap of a book one star. So he go on and on about how much he hated me.

Now that I accepted his hatred against me, I'm free to write more about this piece of crap.

Here it goes.

"Matthew nervously stroked his beard, then caught himself and dropped his hand to avoid calling attention to the sorry little patch of over sized whiskers on his chin. Twenty-eight years old and still he couldn't outgrow his baby face into a proper Jew."

Baby face? No. I know about creative liberty, but this is so bad. Either he believed that this person exist, or this is a fictional character. But still, the tone is off for this type of book. 

Shall I go and torture you some more. 

"In those days, good was good and evil was evil. The best days of his life."

What? That's just keyboard typing in words to fill the pages. That's what I meant by high school writing project. When you don't have much to say, you fill in the pages with words that mean nothing.


And the part about a woman writing the gospel, yes, that's the part I like. But that's not possible. Not at that period of time. Women in general were not educated. 

The jerk of a writer said I didn't read his book, and others has sided with this jerk of a writer and accused me for not reading this piece of crap before rating it. If I could quote it, copy and paste it. Have I read enough to rate it? 

I shouldn't need to do that at all. If every reader need to "prove that they have read the book, at least part of it", to avoid the attack by badly behaving writers, that would put the burden of proof on the readers, and that's not fair. 

This is not how thing works. How much is enough? Is there a minimum requirement? Who set the standard? A reader should have the privacy to rate it however they like, according to their own standard. 

The reader should have the right to rate any book in whatever way they see fit, without fearing the attack from the writers. 

Is this a fair review? Fair or not fair is very subjective. But as a reviewer, I have the right to rate it however I like it. 

The jerk of the writer has gone back and tried to change the way he worded things when he started the hate thread against atheist.

Here is the original.

Not only that, he has stalked me in other thread and keep on his personal attack. See here

All this hatred for atheists, because the atheists in the group I'm in, do not seems to hate me based on a one star rating on this crap of a book. 

Why didn't I do this early. Would this prove I've at least read part of this book? 

First, it would not be good enough for the badly behaving writer who hate me. 

Second, I shouldn't need to prove myself anyway. It should not be necessary. 

Why do it now? 

There is no why. 

As for readers right.

Any writer should read this. Readers have right too. 

Going back to the book. 

My recommendation for the faithful who read the bible literally, you will hate this one. This jerk of a writer has an over-sized ego, and take liberty to interpreted the bible in whatever way he see fit. Why, because he is a self-proclaimed liberal Christian, he makes his own god in his image. In his mind, he is god. 

Update again. 9 June 2013

I thought the hate is over, at least for a while. 

But this jerk of a writer is not letting go the hatred. 

Hatred for atheists

See message #53 as a good example.

All this hatred for a person because of a one star rating without review over a lousy book. Wow. 

How petty.