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Shock Doctrine is a good book for understand world economy and politics.

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism - Naomi Klein

What take me so long? It is my bad. This is a 5 stars book and a must read for those who want to understand how the system created poor, and how government could systematically oppressed and tortured unionists and activists under the guidance of Milton Friedman and his Chicago boys. 

This is a great book. 

I would say this is a must read for all unionists and workers rights activists. Also must read for anti-capitalists. 

How shock doctrine works 

Currently reading on how US torture detainee based on a Ewen Cameron theory, which is a completely failure and disasters, making many of the psychiatric patients worst than they first start.

Dr. Cameron methods were very successful in destroying a person psychic. But it failed completely on the theoretical "building up" part. 

Milton Friedman (Chicago School of Economics) inspired disaster capitalism, first tried in Chile and then in Indonesia. The un-test economic theory tested on real humans that created poverty, 375% inflation, and ended up with a few foreign investments getting really rich while the local people starved. 

Irresponsible economic theorists. Why didn't we learned about this more in MBA courses? 

Milton Friedman is evil

That's what you get when you read the book. 

The Chilean economy would not have changed without the mass killing and arrests of people. The Shock made the change of economy possible. It is the other side of the coin that label "free market". 

The Argentina repeated the tragedy with torturer say they are implement a cure. Hundreds of children born in the torture camps are then sold or given to fucking shit religious Christians to raise in capitalism and Christianity. 

Why Christians didn't talk about this kind of fucking shitty act when they spread their fucking shit Christian message? This should be known to everyone who ever talk to a fucked in the head Christian. 

The horrible Milton Friedman was trying to implement his economic experiment in UK and US. During that time Nixon, although giving Friedman as adviser, practice Keynesian economic policy where the government implement protection of the working class and the poor and not willing to privatize state access. 

It is hard to read how the evil Milton Friedman had visited China, and like other guests of the dictatorship government, praised it progress while ignoring the lack of freedom, the lack of rights of its people, in 1988, just before the shock doctrine started on 4 June 1989. The decision of killed and imprisoned people was to protect capitalism. 

90% of the people who got rich afterwards are related to the leadership of the awful Chinese government. 

shock-doctrine website

Look what I've found. The website for searching background and her analysis of what she thought had happened.

How we fight back 

The pet hate of Naomi Klein should be Friedman and his gang of Chicago school of economics.

The horrible stuff that these men did, by making a big profit out of wars and disasters would make you want to re-think why we looked up to rich white guys like this, that are rotten to the core. 


The examples given, from Latin America to New Orleans, to Thailand should leave you, at least, want to know more what's happened in these countries. And how the rich get away with so much, while the poor didn't get the basic necessary like electricity and water. 

This is not an easy read. It takes time to have the idea sinks in, and try to imagine how the foreign corporations, World Bank, use loan to force government who was in trouble selling off their most valuable assets at a price closer to a garage sales.

And you would be happy to learn that, while the most evil villain Friedman had died, his followers were in jail for the crimes they committed in robbing countries of their assets. 

The most inspiring story, would be how the Thailand fishermen take back their villages after the Tsunami (yes, these economists take advantage of the disaster and wanted to drive out the villages and build resort and golf courses), that they break through the barrier, went home and started rebuilding. They fight by occupation, and the rich are not able to drive them away with so much media attention. 

Lesson they have learned from Sir Lanka where the villages were first wiped out by the Tsunami and then by the Friedman economists.