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A Wanted Man (Jack Reacher, #17) - Lee Child Reacher is on the road again.This time, she got a car, with two men and one woman.He didn't know about them. Soon enough, something tell him that something is off.What is that something? OK. The woman is being kidnapped. He didn't have a chance to save her yet before he got shot. Good that the shooter is an amateur and missed. The chasing around bit is okay. Not his best work.Now for the not so good surprise, see spoiler. What? He didn't sleep with anyone? No sex for Reacher? That's breaking a good tradition. As for the plot.I like the part where he go quietly and willingly to the agents who try to "keep him safe". He didn't resist. For that, we got to know a better form of "temporary witness protection". Conclusion.Honestly, not his best work. I didn't put it down for two nights. So, it is not bad.