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Not a scientific enough book

Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence - David Keirsey, Ray Choiniere

This is the same book essentially as the first version. 

It divided people into temperaments. 

It is not much better than stars signs. Although there is some "Jung" theory in it, but it is way too general. 

A person is more complex than this. And this could be only used as a fun reference than take it for real.

Base your career choice on this test? No way. You do what you feel like to do, or whatever you need to survive. 

I used to trust this shit until I read more about human psychology and know the analysis drawn are way too confident, as it is not really backed by much research or test result.

I've done the test, and for a long time feel weird as it told me that my temperament is rare in society. 

But what is the base? Is it based on an American population? Gee.... back it up with peer review research please.

I don't feel I have understood a person better with this analysis. But it does help to kill time during HR training. 

Oh well.