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Not scientific enough to take seriously

Please Understand Me: Character and Temperament Types - David Keirsey, Marilyn Bates

I read this years ago, and have believed in this shit for sometimes until I read more about what this shit is based on.

Yes, it divided people into types and seems okay at the time. This book was given to me by a pretentious ex-friend. 

Now, the book itself is a bit like popular psychology tests in women fashion magazines. 

It tried to say you are either belong to this type or that type and more suitable to be in this or that career.

It is way too general, and way too confident in its analysis. 

People are more than these types. It depends on what they are doing, the same persons would have used multiple ways to handle similar situation.

So, all in all. Just a suggestion. An idea. Not to be trusted for good analysis.

For people getting to know each other, better talk the persons and observed how this person behave with other people.

If you haven't read this one, forget it. As I've said, it is similar to popular psychology test in fashion magazines. It might be fun to do it, but you couldn't trust the results.

I know some HR use this, and it is pretty weird for me that they do. But who said HR are smart.