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Battlefield of the Mind for Teens: Winning the Battle in Your Mind - Joyce Meyer, Todd Hafer


What a load of crap!

What kind of sick mind could come up with this load of crap.

She pretended to understand the mind of teens. What she gets is, like most teens, felt misunderstood. 

That's what this book is target for, pretending to have a solution to this common problem for teens.

But it is not the solution. It is crap. Teens are supposed to ask explore their world, as there are so many things they do not know. 

And she discourage teens to use reasoning. As it lead to more thinking and more reasoning, and eventually see through the crap of religion and the lies this bitch is trying to sell to the religious deluded. 

Fuck Jesus. Fuck Christianity and all the harmful bullshit that comes with it. 

What kind of crap is this shit writer try to promote here?

Not to question. Fuck that.