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Lie detecting and fake smile... that's what you get to know when you read Richard Wiseman

Quirkology: The Curious Science Of Everyday Lives - Richard Wiseman

Another fast and fun read.

A friend of mine brought the Chinese translated version of this book. The best way to do this, is to read this at the same time, so that we could have a discussion.

So, I have to temporary stop my other reading and started on this one.

The fun fact about the nonsense of astrology, the psychology into the power of suggestion is great. 

The lie detecting bit is good too. A person give more details when speaking the truth, and use more "I" when than when he is lying. Good to know. 

The fake smile part is cool too. Real smile will involve another set of muscle that give you a bit of wrinkle around the eye, while fake smile will not involve this same set of muscle at all. So if you look at the eye, you will see if the person is really smiling or if he is giving you the "Pam Am" smile instead.

Other good bits later. I'm only one third into the book. 

OK. I'm done. This book is an easy read on what we found in human psychology. The drop envelopes experiment show that Singaporeans and Malaysians are not helpful at all. And the experiment on Christians charity turn out that Christians are not charitable to non religious cause, with conservative Christians the least charitable. 

Not details enough. But still good to spend a week reading this.