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Neil Gaiman tell as not so children book about a child...it get a bit scary

The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman

Doing my happy dance inside when I see this today. Neil Gaiman new book is coming out. Couldn't wait. While we wait, here is the link to his page with the two book covers. Book comes out in June 18 2013.


And a week or so later. 


I got it. I bought the book.



The beginning is about the memory of a boy, a book reader like us.

Oh wow.

1/3 into the book. I like it. It is scary as it is from the point of view of a 7 year old boy. It is mysterious, as something is going on, and it is dark and no good.The book grab you and then take you to place that you are at risk of missing your stop, or walking into people because you cannot stop reading once you started on the good bit.

1/2 through the book.It is scary. I like the way he tell the story.

The as it happen and you are going to worry about him kind of story.

Looking for the BBC link now.


BBC radio 4 read part of the book.

The 2nd half the book.

The boy, being a 7 year old young child, he is helpless, and none of his family members could help him, and they become the source of stress and nightmare.

His friendship, very dependent relationship, with a 11 year old girl is sweet in a way. She is only one he feel safe with.They tried to solve this danger together.

I leave you for the good bit at the end.

Conclusion. Don't pick up this book if you are really busy. I couldn't help but stay up to read the ending because it is that good.

Neil Gaiman has this ability to let you feel for the characters he created, and you do want to know what's going to help to these characters. And it is simple yet elegant way to tell this story.

There is bit that is disturbing, and that's the part that make you like the story even more.Read it. And enjoy it. I bet you will like it.