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Lee Child delivered another good one

Without Fail  - Lee Child

Reacher is at it again. This time, it take almost 90% of the book just to find "who did it".

A few things are different in this one.

One, he wore suit and tie.
Second, he wore a watch.
Third, he works in a team.

This is a good one. I like the story that he deal with his brother's death in a way that he meet up with his ex gf.

Now, the clue is there right there, and somehow no one picked up on it.

Clue. The search for "thumb" has one match and no one follow that lead until much later.

Also, a few stupid banner saying "Happy Thanksgiving" could eliminate the thread from sniper. Why didn't they do it.

Plus, if a sniper is on the roof facing one direction, there should be one who guard the stairs so no threat came from behind.

Stupid mistakes that shouldn't be made. But then this is still very enjoyable if you ignore the giant plot holes.


An ex-gf of Joe, Reacher's older brother called him up and asked him for a favor.

He did the favor, and then recruited into the team to find out a threat against the VP.

Now, working with his brother's ex-gf who is still in love with his dead brother is a bit weird.

That's what I like about Reacher. He eat whenever he can. And his sex life is like his eating habit. If there is one who offer, get it before it is not on the table any more.

Of course he knew about the hang up of this woman, who refused to give her full name to Reacher, even after she slept with him. So? Reacher don't seem to mind about that.

Something different in this one. Minor details. Like he wore his brother clothes, shirt, suit and tie. He wear his shoes too. Also, a bit about their childhood revealed that although his brother is older and bigger, Reacher is always the protector.

I like this a lot.