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A quack talking nonsense

AIDS: A Second Opinion - Gary Null,  James Feast

This brought to my attention with this article, Gary Null, Cultivator of Dangerous Woo, Plants Seeds of Death

"Null questioned the role of antiretroviral medication and instead advocated a range of dietary supplements for HIV-positive individuals.

This person is killing real persons if they buy his bullshit and follow his bullshit advise."

Do read the A Critical Look at Gary Null's Activities and Credentials for this quack background. 

From Randi forum. http://forums.randi.org/archive/index...

"I have listened to Gary Null's show on and off for many years, mainly for laughs. I've taken note of some of his strange beliefs. Dr Barrett downplays Null's kookiness. Besides being anti-vaccination and believing vaccines are the cause of autism, Null has many other woo beliefs that are intertwined with his view of health and healing. All of these other beliefs were credibility destroyers for me(not that he had a whole lot to begin with). Among them:

1) He denies Darwinian evolution. I think he's a creationist or may believe in an alternative version of evolution. I haven't been able to catch him elaborating on his views though. 

2) Believes in magnet therapy.

3) Believes in homeopathy.

4) Believes in vitamin C megadose therapy for a large number of diseases and conditions. Has has repeatedly defended Pauling's flawed original research, even as science has proven it to be mostly wrong(he has boasted of his meetings with Pauling*). Of course, Null sells vitamin C and many other supplements.

4) He's an AIDS denialist and believes HIV has little if any role in the development of AIDS(wrote a book on this titled "AIDS: A Second Opinion". 

5) Believes in souls, past lives and the afterlife, but isn't religious in the traditional sense. I remember him once stating that there had to be an afterlife since the laws of thermodynamics state that "energy cannot be destroyed". A few times he has suggested he was a shaman in a past life.

6) When he talks about "energy" he often talks about it in the very unscientific sense that Chinese medicine uses it, as "chi". He believes "chi" exists and understanding it and manipulating it is essential to healing and well-being.

7) He believes in chakras. He frequently runs in marathons and races. He claims he was able to win some of them by "opening up my chakras". 

8) Believes in the efficacy of the Gerson cancer therapy(last I checked). 

9) Believes in and has defended chiropractic. 

10) Probably believes in Reiki.

11) He repeatedly talks about all the people he has helped over the years, from dying AIDS patients, to cancer patients to people who simply wanted to lose weight or improve their health. He often tries to portray himself as a man with unimpeachable ethics(which is why he takes on the evil pharmaceutical industry, which of course has its serious flaws but doctors and other qualified people do what they can to improve things while not shilling alternative treatments), often boasting of how often he helps the homeless by going to lunch with them, among other things. 

He has written over 50 books and has filmed dozens of documentaries on health, AIDS, cancer, the medical establishment and various other topics.

This is anti-medical science bullshit. It is sad that this trash is still floating around.