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Another load of crap by religious deluded

Heavenly Signs: Grand Design for Christ's Return - Mel Gable

What a load of crap?

From the publisher introduction:

"Those who have wondered about creation and if the Bible is truly from God will definitely get a clear answer to both questions by reading this book."

What a bold claim? What make this writer so confident? 

This goes on. 

"God created the heavens for greater significance than separating the day from the night."

Did the writer know what make day and night from the point of view of Earth rotation.

This is a 8th grade science video explaining day and night. Maybe the writer missed this class and all the other science knowledge that would have shown him that much earlier.

Continue from the publisher introduction. 

"Signs were placed in the heavens by God Himself and the motion of heavenly bodies was determined at the time of creation by God."

The observable stars are not sign from any non-existing god. It is just our wonderful universe. 

Here is the link to Google Sky. Nothing supernatural about it. 

Instead of wasting our time reading this bullshit, it is much better to watch video and learn about how stars are form, and the observable nature of stars.

Here is the link to Discovery channel: How the Universe works