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Men who hate women (The Girl with Dragon Tatoo)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson

First 100 pages. (Spoiler alert) 

Pretty nice set up of story. Met the key players and they started interacting. 

Next 100 pages. (101-200)
Still not much has happened yet. He interviewed someone, and asked about what they know about the disappearance. Still, we have a feel of the place, being big and very cold. Yet, nothing linked to the resolving the mystery or anything personal happened with the main characters yet. 

Not giving up yet. 

Next 50 pages.(201-250)

Finally he got laid. Not a good description, but at least he is getting some. 

Next 50 pages. (251-300)

He got laid again. It become a regular thing.

Salander got raped, twice. One is a surprise, the other one is underestimation of the rapist. Even with a strong will, she still got hurt. 

The rapist was a sadist. She got her freedom. But I don't think she got justice. 

He goes to jail. 

Next 150 pages. (301-450)

Finally getting somewhere.

He came out from jail. Slept with one woman, then another.

Finally slept with Salander. 

Then go back to the case, found some clues in old photos.

Then they got a dead cat as a threat.

Then he got shot at. 

He got hurt, but didn't go to the police.

Is the police that bad? 

The story get much faster and we know that he is on to the killer. 

The rest of the book (451-the end)

The mystery is kind of done. Only one more thing left to do, is to take down the bad guy that put him in jail.

She helps him to get the dirt on the guy. I still have a few pages to go, but kind of knows what's going to happen. I will write again if this surprise me in the end.

Overall, not a bad read. Even if it is translated version. But then the first 200 pages is going to be difficult for readers who give up on the first 50 or 100 pages. 

You really have to stick to it before getting to the good bits.

I would have thought for someone like me, it is going to be better if I know this, and read the first 30 pages, and then skip to page 201 right away.

This might give you a better ride for a book, even if some of the details is missing. You wouldn't miss it, as there would be hints about the main characters later on.

The ending is wrapping up some loose end. That's get me interested in the second book. I hope it would go faster in the first 100 pages. 

Overall, a good read. Enjoying for a day at the beach, or on a plane.