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The Woman Who Died a Lot - Jasper Fforde

Another good and fun read from series that target on book nerds. 

What's not to like about this?

The writer has been moving away from the familiar books, and jumping to the "book world". A few plots devices include doomsday, asteroid striking Earth, god smiting people, and destiny notification that comes in the letters. 

All good and well and I've a hundred pages or so to go. Will come back and give my second half review.

Second half

It is kind of fun to keep making the readers know what's going with the Jenny thing, while the characters seems to be in the dark about having their memories changed by someone, or something. We know that when Jenny mind-worm switched from one character to the other, there is something wrong. 

Kind of care about the Next family as a fictional family units. Given, they are a bit too neat, but then there are a lot of plots going on, so their family dynamic is not really the key here.

Like the ending of how timeline could be changed. And the good guy are going to be good guys after all. Ethics for the fictional characters seems to be important to those who, although we see them as fictional, still care if they are the good guys or the bad ones. 

Overall good read. Five stars.