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Life, Sex and Ideas: The Good Life without God - A.C. Grayling If you are a liberal mind person with no religion, this is a book for you.Reading it is like talking with an old friend who already agreed with in most issues. That what you have been thinking has been put into words that is probably better put than you have written it yourself.It is more like having tea with a friend at an outdoor cafe. You like to think about it, and then think you might have something to add, and keeping this thoughts to yourself. Good stuff from attitude of sex, to politics. The short chapter made it easy to contain the whole chapter together and inspired you to think about your values and how much do you find disagreement in real life.Short, fun, easy read but thought provoking. You will like it. I like a lot of chapter, especially one on wars. This is a great train ride book. A chapter or two par ride, and you are done in a few weeks. The rest of the time, I'm reading something else. On capital punishment, he is totally against it. Me too. As for madness, it is about norm. Not all crazy people are affecting negatively on society. But when they do, society reaction is to reduce the risk mad person post on society. The real delicate balance make it vulnerable to imbalance, and sometimes lead to madness. There are good bits here and there. It is still worth reading. If I could give it 4 and a half stars, I would. But as it is a whole star rating system. This is another 5 so that it would not lose half a star base on this rating system.