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The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for? - Rick Warren

What a load of crap? This fucker is very arrogant and annoying if you don't buy into his religious brand of bullshit.

I have read this, as it was given to me, while I was still too dumb to know Christianity really sucks.

Now looking back. I couldn't believe how stupid I was to think this fucker Rick could give me any insight or wisdom into how to lead my life in the right path.

Rick simply don't know jack about life. He lived with a delusion that somehow the stupid stuff he quote from the christian fucker bible would have any real meaning to the modern day life.

Dream on sucker. It really don't mean jack. And this book could not even match the topic with the correct scripture, or there is no matching scripture to begin with.

It is a waste of time if you are looking for wisdom in this book. There is none. It is based on a delusion, build it on with vague meaning and matching with irrelevant scripture passage, that ended up with a wise sounding nonsense.

If you want to know what your life mean. Give it meaning by doing something good to other. Try to care a little. A person do not need to prepare for an afterlife because there is no afterlife.

Give the help you need to give now, before they died from it all. The problem could be systematic disadvantage base on race, gender or sexual orientation. IT does not matter the cause, just that you believe in justice.

Who am I tell you what to do? I don't know jack either. But neither was this jerk Rick Warren.

Figure it out for yourself and stop wasting time reading this book.