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九評地產黨 review

九評地產黨 - 陳雲, 許寶強, 馬國明, 黃英琦, 吳志森, 尊子, 王永平, 黎廣德, 王慧麟

Highly recommended read for people who want to understand the unfairness of monopoly of the rich real estate developers.

I have learned a lot about the unfairness already. As the media is being controlled by the rich (see the ownership of the main media) and you would wonder how people could survive in society with such a high degree of injustice.

No wonder there were so many suicides.

Solution is not easy and with a government that is unjust, it is hard to change. But not giving up is the only way out. The people in the book is fighting back in ways that is difficult to comprehend yet noble enough to be worthy of praise.

Go read it if you could read Chinese.