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The book should re-titled as "how to be a horrible hatred filled parents who drive away their gay kids"

Gay Children, Straight Parents: A Plan For Family Healing - Richard A. Cohen

Fucking shit. The title should be "how to be a horrible hatred filled parents who drive away their gay kids". 


This is a book that asked parents to be homophobic fuckheads who would either drive their children to suicide, or to run away from home.

Or being kicked out of the home by religious parents who believe in bullshit.

There is nothing wrong for being gay or lesbian. There is something wrong if you believe in this bullshit and become a fucking shit bad parent.

TRMS: Rachel Maddow interviews "ex-gay" activist Richard Cohen

Fucking shit anti-gay Richard Cohen for wrting this fucking shit book.

If you are a parent, you should know this is bullshit. If you are a kid, this book is so full of shit that you read it like it is written by a crazy person who hate gays. 

If you are an educator, fuck you if you buy the bullshit in this book.

Fuck Jesus and fuck Christianity for making the world worst by createing fucking shit homophobes. 

See this kid. This is a young man who got kicked out of the home because he is gay.

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