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Behavior Science help to change you

Rip It Up - Richard Wiseman

This is a good book, a must read for those who are being told that "taught lead to behavior" and yet having difficulty changing their behavior even after they have changed their mind.


If you smile, you feel happier. 


That's another way to explain human behavior. 


If you picked a jacket among a lot of other jackets in a shop, you feel better about the jacket you picked when compared to all others, when in fact, the difference is not so obvious. 


On Relationship


If you are in a relationship and it is the passion is fading, there is a way to make it work again if you wanted to.


The exercise is to put this into action. The theory is, if you are acting in love, or like honeymooners, you will interpret the action and reverse engineering into thinking "we must be in love".


Acting like lover would make strangers like each other more.


This is all based on experimental studies.


 How to lose weighs without diet


Too good to be true? Not according to real studies.


This works because there are mainly two types of eaters. Internal eater tend to eat only when they are hungry. External eater would see food and wants to eat it. 


So, internal eater might have a harder time fasting, while external eater has a much easier time. 


External eater might help to eat just the right portion, by eating consciously. That's it. Just sit near a mirror, or use an unfamiliar eating utensils, switching from fork to chopsticks and vice verse, would help to eat the right amount.


Eating with smaller plate and smaller bowl also help in another study, if I remember correctly. 


Don't eat in front of the TV.


How to reduce aggressive behavior  


As suspected, acting out "anger" in role play, only make you angrier. So, the anger management bullshit based on some counseling method has the opposite effect as it intended.


What works, is what our previous generation did. Act calm when you are angry. By acting out what you desired state, would make you calm down. Even pretend calm down will calm you down.


Tighten your muscle will make you have more self control.


Relax your muscle will make you relax.


You get the picture.


I'm on my last chapter and would probably finished this by tonight.


<b>Acting young make you stay young</b>

Dress younger than your age, dance, take control even when you get older. Act young like walk fast and do mental exercise and play games, all make you young.

Also, if you don't like exercise, make your online avatar do it, then you would want to do it too.


For me, it is to learn to act as the person I want to be. I've been doing it and feeling like a fake, only to find out I was doing it right all along.


Act better than yourself and you become a better person.



If you already study behavior science and social psychology, this is just a nice little package of studies and possible application.


For all of us, we all learn something. It is worth the time to read it, and to do some or all of the exercise and pick it up again when we forgot what we have learned.