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There is no heaven...

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back - Todd Burpo, Lynn Vincent

What kind of bullshit is this book selling? Why is it on the top seller list for 56 weeks? What kind of stupid person would take a 4 year old boy story as real?

The boy almost die because his parents are stupid as fuck. They have the chance to take him to a proper hospital but they didn't. They took him to an unequip hospital after hours of driving, and when he got to the proper one, he almost died.

This is a form of child abuse to begin with.

The boy didn't see Jesus or such nonsense. He suffered continuous fever deal to the lack of common sense of his parents. 

This book should make you angry. Instead, those who omit that part of error on the parents, took it as evidence of a heaven. 

Jesus fucking Christ. 

The reading population have a lot to learn what is real and what is not. The part of stupid parents almost kill a boy is real. The boy see Jesus part is not real. 

It is a sad thing for humanity that this book is on the best seller list under non fiction. As it is fictional through and through.

And it has turned into children book? Sad. Real sad. 


I was wondering why this book still get a 3.95 rating as of today. So I checked. 

There are 10587 scary persons out there who had given this piece of crap 5 stars. This give me less hope for humanity as there are too many stupid people out there that outweigh those who know this is bullshit. 


More religious deluded attacked my review. Well, after thousands of bullshit believers praise this piece of crap, why couldn't the religious deluded tolerate a few reviews that see this book as what it is, bullshit.

Here is the near death experience that is real.

More update. After being preached at by religious nuts, a sign should be added to advise those who want to insult me by mentioning their non existing god, or commit religious masturbation aka prayer and then tell me about it. It's really gross. 

Another update. As this review is collecting more stupid religious comments. I would like to add this image. It is so true. I hate religions, because they are not only bullshit, but make normal people do bad thing. 

More update. 

After being prayed at by religious deluded, ask to go to non existing hell by other religious deluded. I got this complaint that I used too many swear words.


Just saying. 

There is no heaven. No god. No hell. Prayer is just like masturbation, you might feel good about doing it, but it is disgusting that you tell me about what you've done. 

More update.

This review attracted a lot of religious deluded who act like assholes. Fine.

Let's make it clear. I have my freedom from religion, you have your freedom of religion.

That mean, I and everyone else would respect "your right" to believe in religious bullshit, and participating in fucking shit religion like Christianity.

That does not mean, that I or anyone who is normal, have to respect your fucking shit religion. Or stop saying that your fucking shit religion is full of shit, when in reality is really full of shit.

I don't have to limit my speech because you have a fucking shit religion. Freedom of speech already include saying your religion is so full of shit.

I'm against religions. 

Saving Jesus.






Onion has it.