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This guy get banned by Ted.com talking about the same bullshit from this book

The Science Delusion - Rupert Sheldrake

What a load of crap!

Someone wrote pretty good review on this already.As my anger toward myself for wasting precious time on this crap, I would do anyone a favor of listing out what could possibly be wrong with this book.

1. He pretend to write as a scientist, but in fact prefers metaphysics to science and this book is more on metaphysics and not science.

2. His assumption that science as a belief system is so off that left you wonder how he got his degrees. 

3. The book is nothing but his way of picking strawmen (10 fundamental beliefs) and then try to attack these strawmen without much success. Even first year science students could see the fault in his arguments.

4. He advocate for "morphic resonance", a ridiculous idea that one could look up in skeptic dictionary and laughed at it. 

Why he bother to write this book is probably because his idea was being dismissed by science. Not really worth the time or the paper. He should write some angry letters instead. It would probably be more entertaining. 


Someone left me a weird comment that has very little to do with this review.

So for further reading for the skeptics who agreed this is crap.

An idea with resonance: More than anything, Sheldrake's continuing popularity is rooted in our need to believe

This writer Ted Talk was removed because it is unscientific.

Rupert Sheldrake's TEDx talk: Detailing the issues

"While TED does not vet speakers at independent TEDx events, a TEDx talk can be removed from the TEDx archive if the ideas contained in it are wrong to the point of being unscientific, and that includes misrepresenting the scientific process itself.

Sheldrake is on that line, to some commenters around Twitter and the web. His talk describes a vision of science made up of hard, unexamined constants. It's a philosophical talk that raises general questions about how we view science, and what role we expect it to play."

Even Ted knew this writer is full of shit. 

Another blog that details why this writer is so full of shit, that is no longer science. 

Rupert Sheldrake's "Banned" TED Talk




He finally made it to Rationalwiki.