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There is no proof for heaven or any supernatural nonsense

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife - Eben Alexander

This book sucks. The end.

Why it sucks? OK. There is no afterlife. An educated person should know better. He is a neurosurgeon and he is fooled by his own near death experience. 

Sam Harris said it better here. All in all. This book sucks. 

A better article regarding the near death experience by Sam Harris, Science on the Brink of Death is a much better read. 

The new article by Oliver Sacks, one of my favorite writers and professor of neurology said this about Alexander's bullshit.

"Alexander insists that his journey, which subjectively lasted for days, could not have occurred except while he was deep in coma. But we know from the experience of Tony Cicoria and many others, that a hallucinatory journey to the bright light and beyond, a full-blown NDE, can occur in 20 or 30 seconds, even though it seems to last much longer. Subjectively, during such a crisis, the very concept of time may seem variable or meaningless. The one most plausible hypothesis in Dr. Alexander's case, then, is that his NDE occurred not during his coma, but as he was surfacing from the coma and his cortex was returning to full function. It is curious that he does not allow this obvious and natural explanation, but instead insists on a supernatural one.

To deny the possibility of any natural explanation for an NDE, as Dr. Alexander does, is more than unscientific -- it is antiscientific. It precludes the scientific investigation of such states."

Source: Seeing God in the Third Millennium

This said a lot about this book. It is antiscientific. 


It is great when Lawrence Krass talked about it on Bill Maher. Great stuff calling the bullshit regarding this heaven bullshit. He hallucinated and should have know better. 

Here is the clip to the show.


Someone commented on this review and talking bullshit linking real science (not yet proved but at least real scientists are working on it) like String Theory to bullshit like "Soul" and shit. 

Time to link to another article.

Is the afterlife full of fluffy clouds and angels? by Colin Blakemore is Professor of Neuroscience and Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London. 

The answer is NO. There is no angels. 


Say It All Together Now: The ‘Proof of Heaven’ Author Made Everything Up

"Dittrich, in a series of interviews with Alexander, points out how some of the most incredible moments in the book could not have been true. Like the time he saw a perfect rainbow:

"As [Alexander] nears the end of his tale, every part of his story seems to be connected to every other part in mysterious ways. For instance, his coma began on Monday, November 10, and by Saturday, “it had been raining for five days straight, ever since the afternoon of my entrance into the ICU.” Then, on Sunday, after six days of torrents, just before he woke up, the rain stopped:

To the east, the sun was shooting its rays through a chink in the cloud cover, lighting up the lovely ancient mountains to the west and the layer of cloud above as well, giving the gray clouds a golden tinge.
Then, looking toward the distant peaks, opposite to where the mid-November sun was starting its ascent, there it was.

A perfect rainbow."

"It was as though heaven itself was cheering Alexander’s return.
Dittrich spoke to a credible meteorologist, though, who denied a good chunk of that:

“There was nothing on the tenth,” he says. “Nothing on the eleventh…two hundredths of an inch on the twelfth.” The next three days, he says, were rainy and miserable. Then the storm appeared to break on the evening of the fifteenth. The sixteenth was another clear day.
Could there have been a rainbow on the morning of the sixteenth?
“No,” he says.

So, it is all made up. I said it. But now there is more proof. 

Update again. This is funny.

Bill Maher Real Time - New Rules, Religious rant and closing statement - 13/7/19

Real Time with Bill Maher, Eben Alexander discussion with Lawrence Krauss




The 'Proof of Heaven' Author Has Now Been Thoroughly Debunked by Science