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Dodger - Terry Pratchett

How does it work?

A book with a story that come with a trailer. 

Good if it is from Terry Pratchett. 


I'm only half way through the book, but I like the kid who are more like a spiderman. Not that he climbed walls or anything. He is a more a reluctant hero who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, doing the right thing. 


He has a good understanding that people are people, most of them are not evil, or at least not in this book, they are more of the type that the world goes wrong and they lost their compass in pointing to the right direction.


I hope this works. I wouldn't want this review to get lost on me. 


The mysterious damsel in distress has stayed mysterious. I hope she wouldn't not deliberate breaks his heart. Unintentional breaking of heart is okay, we all gets that. But intention is too cruel for this kind of story.



The good boy get clean up, aka get a bath, and dressed up for meeting the young woman he saved from being killed. Sometimes, a good guy wouldn't know he is a good guy until he was forced to do good doing as he has very limited choices.


I like this character, and with only a few dozens pages to go, I would miss him. 


OK. I'm done. It is a good story, and I like it. Although I kind of missed the twist of well known story and a bit of fanciful fight here and there, the young man being poor, without a proper name, get into into the world by saving a young noble woman in distress kind of make it a good story in another way. A bit of romance, very little so I could bare it, or even like it. 


Go read it. It would take you a few hours, into the streets of London.