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I am Malala - Malala Yousafzai;Christina Lamb

She is speaking of education.

She is a young idealist. But that good thing is, after she was shot, and suffered, she still believe that education is the key to bring women and girls up in the world.


Good for her.


Her idea is to have children educated. That's the basic rights that anyone who is not so fucked by religion that they would try to kill a 14 year old girl who have done nothing wrong. 


The Islamic extremists shot her for wanting to go to school. And a lot of children wanted to skip school. It is a strange world. 


I hope she will get to learn about evolution, and at least Newtonian physic. 


For me to keep a bit above ignorance, I have to keep learning. And that's the basic right for all. 


I browse a bit of her new book. A good story of a brave young woman, who is fighting not only for her own education, but for education rights for girls and women. 


Good for her.