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Blog Action Day for Human Rights

For those who blog, please blog about human rights today by first registering on the site and then blog about human rights today. 


A lot of people are not having their rights, that happened a lot around us. 


For the friends who are driven into the closets because they are gay, and for the transgender person who get ridicule and harass because of their "real" gender, I do feel for them.


Why? Because I know them. People being real and being seen make it even more real than someone you read in the newspaper. 


If I have to pick one person to talk about, it is  Abdelghani Aloui from Algeria. 


He is a blogger who got jailed because he shared photos and caricatures of the President and the Prime Minister on his Facebook account.


Details here: http://www.amnesty.org/en/news/algeria-release-blogger-held-sharing-photos-facebook-2013-10-15


Another one, which I've participated in action is Greenpeace activists (Arctic 30)  


They were detained by the Russian government on piracy charge.


The 30 Greenpeace activists and crew members were violently detained in Russia on 19 September.


Here is the statement from Amnesty: http://www.amnesty.org/en/news/russia-drop-absurd-and-damaging-piracy-charge-against-greenpeace-activists-2013-10-02


I care more about activists and bloggers, because they do things, not base completely on personal interest, by humanity as a collective.


As an activist, I identify and do not want them to come to any harm.


Last by not least, is the already jailed activists Pussy Riot.


You could take action here: http://www.amnesty.org/en/appeals-for-action/PussyRiot





They are brave and their bravery and they should not be punished by the government. 



For those who like to join, read here on http://blogactionday.org/