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{Repost} Goodreads is losing its best readers

I occasionally get very excited about a book or two and would write my anticipation of the book release.


That's sound like a book cheerleader and more accurately, a writer cheerleader.


For me, that's normal. 


But GR is now expecting all of the readers to be books cheerleaders and writers cheerleaders all the fucking time. Even with books that are crap. And writers who are fucking jerks.


No fucking way.


That's what this GR new censorship is all about.


If I like a book, I would say I love it. 


If I dislike a book, I dislike it with a passion. Who the fuck wrote this piece of crap that wasted my fucking time. Fuck you. 


That's how it should be. I'm not as entertaining as many top reviewers. But I did my best to rate over two thousands books and wrote over two hundreds reviews. Also, I'm a librarian, maintaining books that are written in both Chinese and Japanese because I'm able to read both languages and could make the edition reflect correct information.


So, I considered myself one of the contributor, even if it is in a small way.


That's kind of disrespect for reviewers is not only unfair, it is counterproductive.


Leave us alone to read books, rate books and write book reviews as we damn please. We fought over books and will continue to do so. And this is free publicity for the book, no matter if it is positive or negative. That's better than a book being ignored and gather cyber virtual dust with no one mentioning its name.


This is the purpose of books. To be read and be criticized by readers. Leave the readers alone to fight over books would only benefit the reading cultures.


GR, I'm very disappointed in the handling of your contents contributors. That's why I'm here now.