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The controversy on the censorship of the Chinese translated version of "A Concise History of Hong Kong"

A Concise History of Hong Kong - John M. Carroll

This is about a controversy over two different version of Chinese translation on this book. 

The one on the left is the correct version. The one on the right is "censored" version.

It is the annual book fair in Hong Kong. And only the censored version is on sale at the book fair, sold by Beijing government bias bookstores. 

There are two different ISBN numbers. 

The good version has ISBN 978-988-8263-20-2. The censored version has a different ISBN. But the published date is exactly the same as of July 2013. 

More information here: 香港書展變香港書「剪」 

As the news is for subscriber only. Here is the whole page.

"香港書展變香港書「剪」 名著《香港簡史》中文版「被河蟹」HKEJ

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From the writer.

"Thanks for your message. I am in the UK until mid-August and learned of the second version only after the journalist from Economic Journal (信報) contacted me about it a few days ago. I am shocked and disappointed. The second version is certainly not the same as the one I approved. I hope that Chung Hwa will explain their action and recall all copies of the second version."
(John Carroll)

More details: 信報揭發-港大教授-香港簡史-譯本遭河蟹/