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Malala story tell how a young woman going to school become a catalyst for change

I am Malala - Malala Yousafzai;Christina Lamb I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban - Christina Lamb, Malala Yousafzai

This is a good story. I'm only 1/3 in to it but I would like other to read this.


About a girl 


Malala is lucky to have an educated father, who believe strongly that girls should go to schools. So much so that he accept girls to be studying in his schools, even after being threatened by the Taliban. 


Her story, as a young person is about her home, her village, what she like and what she see as her world. That's rare, because many women in her village are illiterate including her own mother. That a lot of other girls who be forbidden to be educated not by outsider but by their own family members. She is also someone who don't like her identity being buried alive under the burqa. Her strength comes from her own self but with the approval of her father.


About a country


This country is being untied and ruined by religion. How could the mass be so supportive of such violent behavior of the Taliban. The answer comes from their identity being Muslims, being Islamic, being Islamic against infidels. It is not reasonable, because it comes from the unreasonable thoughts of "pleasing god" against "those who don't follow the same god".  There is no god, and they are being united foolishly that what they do has a higher meaning when they are causing harm.


One good example given, is when men volunteered themselves to build mosques, instead of going to work. And they wouldn't care to do the same things in trying to rebuild houses and schools after earthquakes.


Another example is when people donating their money and jewelry to the Taliban when they forbid women to go out of their own houses. That's because in their minds, they are again pleasing god.


Also, the systematic destruction of modernization, the forbidden to have CD and DVD, and television and computers are just plain stupid. The stopping of dancing and music with exception of religious music is unthinkable to normal people unless they were already brainwashed by religion. It is sad to see that so many religious deluded of the Islamic kind do this, and it is sad that they didn't stand up for human rights, even for their own children. But that the downside of having religion in the human minds. It is a sickness that would magnify itself when the opportunities arise. Be it burning of CD or DVD or going against same sex marriage, it is the mass being brainwashed into doing harm while thinking that are pleasing some non-existing god. 

A girl who become an activist


From the age of 11, she begin her life as an activist. She wrote her daily under a fake name describing the life under the Taliban. She also become more outspoken against the Taliban because they are threatened to close all girls schools. 


In the name of Islam, Taliban turned other Islamists against Malala and her father, who run schools that have girls students. 

She is brave and as a child, too naive to think that grown men, even violent grown men could harm a child. This naive thinking in her keep her brave and keep her happy for awhile.


A closing of girl schools


Malala was forced to stop going to schools when they forced all girls schools to be closed, with the threat of actual violence.


Malala as a girl, used to be the first or second in class. She has her best friend and her rivalry who compete with her for first place.


The closing of school left her sad, as a girl who like going to school, reading and who like science.


She then won some peace award for speaking out. That's make her famous but also make her cause more visible.


Being shot


She was shot. She almost die because the level of care is not good enough to keep her alive. 


It is fortunate that there were 2 UK doctors visiting, and lead her being transport to Birmingham. 


After shock, how Malala see herself


She is now known as the girl who got shot by the Taliban for advocating for girls education. That's not what she wanted. She think she is still alive and her mission is to be an activists for girls education. Not the girl who get shot, as it is something that happened to her, not something that she did herself.

How I see this book 


With some criticism that she still conservative and a bit closed minded regarding gender and sex, she is a girl with strong will and strong belief that girls should get an education. That's from her father, not her illiterate mother. I hope there are more people like her within Islam, so that Islam would not cause so much damage to the world. 


But that's wouldn't be the case. Look at how little support she got from Pakistan, and from other Islamic groups.


Of course, some Islamists who think women should be educated would support her. And I hope there is a growing group.


But the letter of Taliban to her illustrate how fucked a mind could be if they truly believe in the god bullshit.


Taliban, after admitting short Malala, a child in her school bus,  asked her to wear and burqa and asked for forgiveness. What a load of crap? And that's religious logic to you.

November 10 is Malala day and it is a good day to have this book finished.

5 stars.