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Teenage indie band meet vampire "like" story

The Last Days  - Scott Westerfeld

If you are a teen or a preteen who are also into indie band and vampire, this book is probably for you.

Imagine one of the Glee members turned into a vampire who are horny and bitty. 


The book take a long time, really a long time, to set up the meeting of two guitarists to meet up with a talented keyboard (also play guitar, drum and other instruments), who is the best friend of a girl who got turned.

Now, from Peeps, we already known that the vampire thing is sexually transmitted, and then get spread by turning teens into this horny teens (like they really need a vampire virus for that) so that it could infest other people.

Now, the source of the vampire virus is from a worm that is underground and infested the rat, that some got eaten by cats. So, the humans got their virus infection from cats.

So, there are infected human who got turned who either infecting other people, or trying to fight off this worm. Who I think borrow from Dune.

This has already taken up most of the pages, so what's left is how to fight the worm.

The singer, who is infected, could sing "language of the worm" that attracted the worm to the surface.

That's about close the end.


So, not that good, if you find the shallow relationship, and there is nothing more important by being in a band that isn't all that good.

Not my cup of tea. But if you like bands, or a fan of Glee, you might enjoy this more than I do.