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Chasing after the historical development of the mathematical concept of infinity

Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity - David Foster Wallace, Neal Stephenson

It is about the mathematical concept of infinity, and it is good in a way for you to know how human struggled with it for hundreds of years, and with the domination of Aristotle, and the spread of horrible religion Christianity, it wasn't realized for a long time.

Cantor. Anti-Plato. Constructivism, formalism. Words that you might like if you are into studying the history of mathematical development. Bored to tears if you are not.

I'm a bit of both. I skimmed through a lot of formula that I don't really care for, for reason that I don't really care that much about formula that I wouldn't able to use of to repeat in anyway for mental exercise. I'm kind of practical and lazy at the same time.

Infinity is an important concept, and I'm glad he thought about it so much.