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City of Thieves - about cold, hunger, women and eggs

City of Thieves: A Novel - David Benioff

Two guys fallen on the same fate because they got caught, with punishable crime, in Russia during the war against Nazi.

The only way out, is for them to finish a task for the general.

So, being cold and hungry, they have to go and find themselves some eggs.

But that is the backbone of the story.


One young man, was the straight and narrow, yet good enough to try and help the teen. 


And in the middle of the story, is the story of the teen, who father got persecuted because he was a poet who published stuff against the government,.


He certainly met a man who is a fan of his father. Who insist of reading him stuff from a book. 


So, story within a story. And a bit of side story about a whore house of women who are being forced into sex trade by the Nazi. The girl who tried to run got her feet saw off. And all the coats were taken so that they could run. 


Now, they are being freed. And on the run. 



It is not the core of the war, but on the side and up a ally. Side story like this show the real impact of war, that poor and the hungry and the desperation of human hanging on to life.