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Intelligence, a new TV series. I've just watched the pilot. 


OK. It is the more serious version of Chuck, who got all the intelligence collected in his head. This time, he stays connected to the network that feed him intelligence and he could walk through the computerized data in 3D in his mind. 


Cool effect. Nice ass kicking. 


I like Chuck, but it was never serious in ass kicking. This one is. And he is a valuable agent who could handle himself. 


Josh Holloway as Gabriel Vaughn is not bad. The pilot is clean. Still don't like the agent who is assigned to protect him. Love interest is not really necessary, but this is ABC. 


Why is television important? Well, it helps us to pass the time, when we don't like the city that we lived in, don't like the invasion of the rude tourists, and hate the way we lost interest in doing stuff because of the overcrowded city. 


Need to stop allowing myself to be taken over by a friend. I know this friend like my company, and I do appreciate that. But we didn't do anything and even watching TV is more entertaining. 


Human contact, sometimes is over-rated. 


I would watch this, at least for a few more episodes.