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Arrow finally has a bisexual and a lesbian character. 

But Nyssa is doing all the wrong thing as an ex. 


First, she poisoned Sara's older sister to make Sara show up in the city. 


Then when she finally met her, she couldn't decide if she would kiss or kill Sara when on their first union. Fortunately, they kissed. 


Then, she kidnapped Sara's mom and try to force Sara to leave her family and come back with her. That forced Sara's father to confront her. This force Sara to come out of the closet, whether she wants to or not. 

Then she almost killed Sara's father. This is no way to meet the ex-girlfriend's family, if she ever wants to get back to her, or stays friends. 


Then she confronted and fight with Sara's ex-boyfriend. No good. They are not even fighting over Sara. 


Finally, Nyssa did the right thing by letting Sara goes. But that's not before Sara poisoned herself, using the same poison Nyssa used on her sister. 


Love is letting go. And don't harm your ex even if you wanted to.