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Juliet Naked is about music lover who is also a jerk and woman who have relationship with jerk

Juliet, Naked - Nick Hornby

Well, it is about a couple. The guy is obsessed with a singer called Tucker. 

The story make you think about several things.

1. What is it about relationship, that is more like habit than love. These two act like everyday normal boring couple. Yet there seems to be problem underneath it all.

2. What a celebrity is from the eyes of fan, maybe very different with who this person is. This should not be news, but then it nicely illustrated in the story.

3. Man who are normal, boring, could suddenly decide to fall for a new younger woman. It happened. But the man rarely think through of what it meant for him, and even less likely to think what it does to his current partner. And when there is consequence, they all act like common Hugh Grant character, that he has no idea how to deal with it. 


The second half, the once celebrity and singer Tucker finally got out and visit his daughter. 

This is just how this story goes in wrapping it all up. Some moments are good, and the characters is pretty much "alive". 

A good read, if you ever date someone just because you want to date someone.