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Lynn Shepherd asked Rowling to stop writing.... yet she wrote horrible, hard to finish books

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling The Solitary House: A Novel - Lynn Shepherd

I don't care if Lynn Shepherd like HP books or not. Or if she thinks Rowling is a good writer or not. She could have her own opinions and say what she wants. 


As readers, we have that freedom. 

The problem is, that she didn't not like HP books. She just don't like Rowling being a big name and her book is flying off the shelf, while Lynn's poorly written novel are gathering dust. 


From a HP fans point of view,  HP books are way better than the trash Lynn wrote, it is hard not to also make some comments on Lynn's books.

Trash. Rubbish. Boring. Inconsistent. Hard to finish.


So, there. I said it. Maybe Lynn should take her own advise to Rowling and stop writing books herself.


A word of advise to Lynn. She should stop asking good writers to stop writing so that bad writer like her could sell book. People wouldn't read her book even if there are no good books in the store. 

It takes Rowling years to become a successful writer. Maybe Lynn should work on her craft instead of being envy of other writers good sale records.