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Burning of books and losing to an age of "digested information"

Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

This is long overdue. It is a great book to read. The whole premise of thinking of thoughts that have meaning, that could linger, that could continue into dialogue and conversations, is link to the availability of books, the interest we put into books, and how books help and train us into thinking longer than "Like". 


The age of Facebook, and WhatApp have made me worry a bit about how to carry a conversation with something deeper than model wearing golden bikinis. 




So, in the future, when people giving up on books, and consist books and intellectuals dangerous. They burn books.


But before they burn books. People already stop reading books. Books are heard to read, take too long, not as entertaining as movies, TV, and other forms of entertainments.


So, after houses got fire proof, firemen taken up the role in starting fire, burning books, and sometimes burning houses with books in them.


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How could that happen?


Well, it is happening? It is worrying when people stop reading. People start commenting that "Inception", the movie, is too complicated. (It is a movie, for crying out loud.) 


I don't know how to go on without books. They are my friends, my companions for rainy days, and quiet nights.


I hope we will not stop reading.  


What is worst than a world of people that don't read? It would be worst if people only read bullshit books, like religious bullshit, anti-science bullshit, the like.  


As for burning books, I hope there would not be the day we, the books lovers, have to protect shitty books, like the really bad movie "The day after tomorrow". I would really hate that, to be obligation to protect really shitty books, like the Christian bible or Twilight. Yuck.