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Atheist stuff 1: Why most people who are atheists are open about it

There are a lot of misunderstanding about atheists. Most of them come from religious deluded, and those who still think being religious deluded is not such a bad ideas.


For those who are from places that are mostly irreligious, and live in places where religions are more diverse, shit from one religion is not that different from other shit from the other religion. So, religions are a just a pill of crap that people waste their time on. As long as they do not do harm, they are being left alone to do their silly shit. 


But then, why shut up about it. Religion is bullshit. It could be a fun kind of bullshit if your god of choice is Thor. But then religious deluded get really freaking seriously about it. Enough to shot a girl in the head for going to school, because they believe their imaginary bullshit god didn't like girls getting education. That's how mess up religion is, and most organized religions are like that to me. 


Here is a diagram on telling you why atheists are open about their opinion, and what they think of religions. All religions are bullshit. You know that. If you have religion, and you thought about other brand of religion, you think they are ridiculous too. Atheists just have one more religion to laugh at than those who are religious deluded. 


Why are being atheists related to books? 


Atheists read books. At least this one does. More books reviews coming.