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There! I said it.


I'm anti-religion. Anti-theism is a position like opposing the anti-vaccination movement. You see something harmful, and people are hurting, you speak out against it.

Religious deluded did not grow out of a vacuum. Religious deluded are form, either as victims of brainwashing as children. Or they are just fooled into believing in a lot of bullshit and stop thinking.


Once they stop thinking and stop asking questions, they act like mob, gang, and would act out in ways that is harmful, without triggering their internal mechanism that would change their self image from good to bad.

That's happened to a lot of people. It is a horrible thing to see. Religious people also compartmentalize and could act logically in a lot of areas, except that they have already have a preconception base on religious bullshit, whatever this bullshit it might be.

So, when you deal with religious deluded who are doing really horrible things, doing harm to people, you would not be surprised to see how they still see themselves as "good".


That would make you want you to smack them in the face and ask them to wake up.


This is all too general. So, let talks about cases and incidents.


In the video, it is about a runaway child pride Nada. Listen to her in this video with English subtitle. 




Now, looked at the religious deluded leader, talking shit and reinforcing that raping a child against her will is fine in his religion. In his religious deluded mind, his religious rule is more important than the basic human rights of a child. 


That's religion. It is a disease of the mind, and it eats away compassion and logic, and in its place, diseased rules and concept that make up of bullshit that they called religion. 


A child, being married, could not cry rape because there is no such thing as rape in the Islam religion. Girl is being command by this shitty religion to be raped and called it sex. 


What makes the parents of the child married her off? Well, their bullshit religion said it is okay. Their bullshit religious leaders said it is okay. Their religious deluded neighbors said it is okay. 


It is not okay. Religion that taught that is not okay. It is bullshit. It is child abusing bullshit. 


There is no need for respect for such mind-disease. No need at all. Why should I give special respect because your mind is being fucked by Allah? Why should I give special respect because your mind is being fucked by Jesus? 


No. No respect. If you are religious deluded, you have really horrible disease in your mind. And I'm glad that I've a chance to point it out you so that you might start thinking on your own, instead of base everything on religious bullshit. 


But why human believe in such bullshit? 


Well, we believe in a lot of bullshit. If you read "The believing Brain", it explains a bit about why.


We are using our System one to think about religion. That's from Thinking fast and Slow. System one is lazy and really didn't think it through.


If the brain is not lazy, it would think, "wait a minute, a young child is too young to consent to sex. She is too young to be married off to a much older man. She should be in school, and not be married off to be a wife.". A normal person would question the religious concept of marry off young girl. 


If the brain is not lazy, it would think, "virgin birth? That's does not make sense. Where is the chromosomes come from? Did the religious text claimed that Jesus was virgin birth, but who contribute to sex determination chromosomes? Jesus's mom has XX chromosomes, and only male chromosomes have the XY chromosomes. So, the contribution of DNA might be a male in order to give birth to a male child. Either this god has XY chromosomes or this young pregnant Mary was lying." 


See? Even beginner level biology students know that. 


It is uneasy to ask this question. Because religious deluded are not opened minded. They dislike questioning based on logical reason or science. They like to insert their religious bullshit, and when questioned, cry and demand respect for their lack of answers and stupidity. 


More on that later. 


I think it is worth exploring. From a place where Jesus worshipers are linked with World Z and Walking Dead.  This is the level of of openness I'm used to when it comes to ridiculous assertion by religious deluded.